Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

One of the costumes I wore to PAX East this past weekend was Tennis Rosalina. Because it’s so cold, I wanted to create a fun little track jacket to wear with the costume. I documented my progress in case anyone else wanted to learn how to make something similar – hopefully this tutorial will come in handy!

For reference, I completed this over 2 days, and it took about 10 hours.

Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

The concept for this was pretty simple – a light blue track jacket with some stripes and a Luma applique on the back (something I’ve done before and wouldn’t take more than a weekend). I sketched it out:

Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

I visited my local fabric store and snagged 2-way stretch jersey for $2.99/yard – I got 2 of the light blue and 1 of the dark teal. I already had the white leftover from a previous project. I also picked up a 22″ separating zipper in white.

I used a zip-up hoodie I already owned as a pattern – I traced 1/2 of the front and the entire back (I’ve used this method in the past and found it works well).

I knew I wanted a white stripe down the side, so I cut that out of the pattern, too.

For warmth, I doubled the fabric and cut 2 of each pattern piece. I sewed the back and sides together, then turned them right-side out. I added the teal bottom band before sewing the front panels to the back.

When I tried the jacket on, it was too big, so I took it in at the sides where the white panels were. Not a huge deal, but I ended up with a folded over seam on each side where I wanted it to be clean. Oh well.

Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket
Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

For the sleeves, I used a sleeve pattern I already had as a guide. Similar to what I did with the jacket, I cut a strip of white into the middle of the sleeve (so it would face out) and added the band at the bottom of teal. I was going for cute, puffy sleeves but there ended up being a lot of fabric. I recommend using a sleeve pattern without a lot of excess where it connects to the shoulder.

I attached all the separate pieces of this (white circle, Luma, black oval eyes) together using heat n’ bond – unfortunately, they didn’t want to stay. I ended up using a zig-zag stitch to go over the outlines. In the end I’m glad I did because you can hardly see the stitches and it’s a lot cleaner than having a rogue edge start to peel up.

Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

Cosplay Tutorial | Rosalina Track Jacket

If you end up using this tutorial to create your own track jacket, let me know! I’d love to see what you create :>

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5 years ago

This jacket looks so cute. You have mad sewing skillz! <3