May Faves

I don’t know where you live but it has been unseasonably cold and raining since May started – it’s such a bummer! I was getting excited at the prospect of warm weather and light jackets but nope, the coats and tights remain. Despite the gloom, here are some fun favorites for May!

Kyla Is Inspired | May Faves

Antisocial Clamshell Pin | This is the perfect pin for an introvert like me that still wants to feel that magical pull but wants to spend time alone ;) Who doesn’t love a mermaid theme?

Galaxy Momiji Doll| I love everything space-related and this cute gal by Luli Bunny for Momini is throwing some sassy 70’s vibes – she’d make a great addition to any vinyl toy collection.

Snow White Bag | Or in the witty way Modcloth names items, “It’s Off To Quirk We Go”.

Tangerine Butter Cookies | I’ve lost my sweet tooth over the years but oh my gosh do these cookies from Bakers Royale look delicious. They are baked with olive oil which I’m really curious about!

Blackberry Lavender Champagne Cocktail | This recipe from The Adventure Bite looks and sounds so refreshing – and it’s pretty, too!

Teddy Bear Umbrella | OK, I know it’s raining, but that doesn’t mean you can’t use a cute umbrella! The teddy bears on this one remind me of rilakkuma ^^

Unicorn Table Lamp | What does it say about me that I love a lamp found on a children’s site? Probably that I should be 20 years younger…but seriously, how cute is this lamp??


What are you most excited about this month?

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4 years ago

Absolutely love these! I’d get everything if my wallet would allow it. :D