As I was working on updating my cosplay page, I realized I never shared my Faye Valentine costume! I made this last year for Anime Boston. It’s the outfit she’s wearing when we first meet her in the casino.

Kyla Is Inspired | Faye Valentine Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Faye Valentine Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Faye Valentine Cosplay

I also think this might be the first costume in a long time where I didn’t document my progress…I’m so sorry!! I searched and searched for progress photos but couldn’t find any :( If you’re interested in any way about how I made any parts of this costume, please let me know!

Kyla Is Inspired | Faye Valentine Cosplay

All photos by Wei Guan

If you watched Cowboy Bebop, who was your favorite character? I love Faye so much, but I also really like Spike. This is one of my favorite animes of all time!

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One thought on “Cosplay | Faye Valentine

  • May 7, 2018 at 10:18 pm

    Ahhh I love this so much! You did an amazing job!!!! I was thinking of cosplaying this version of her for a con in June! Any tips on how you did the jacket would be welcome <3


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