Cosplay | Princess Peach – Mario Odyssey

Have any of you played Mario Odyssey?? I sadly don’t have a Switch (or plan on purchasing one) but that doesn’t stop me from loving all of Peach’s new outfits! One of my favorites is her cute travel skirt/blouse/hat combo, which of course I had to make :)

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

I think I had the most fun eating these delicious Knead Donuts!

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

This costume is mostly a closet cosplay, but details are below! I had all the fabric I needed for the skirt and scarf already, which made the idea of this costume appeal to me all the more.


I bought this hat on amazon and sewed some leftover pink belt fabric as trim.

I bought this blouse.


I sewed this by creating a really long rectangular shape with angled edges. I dipped the end of a pencil in white fabric paint to create the polka dot pattern.

I 3d printed the gem and painted it pink. I added glitter into the clear top coat, and added white shading on the edges for a bit of a cartoon look. It just pins onto the skirt.

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

I used my favorite skirt pattern, Simplicity 1369 as the base but added in 2 extra panels for volume. The waistband is in a contrasting color and there’s a petticoat underneath to make the volume show.

These aren’t entirely accurate to what Peach wears (she wears white heels), but they’re my go-to comfy and foot-friendly Clark’s wedges :)

This is my third Peach wig! :) I used Luthien Classic from Arda in Light Blonde as my base. The bangs were sectioned into three parts to mimic her front and 2 side pieces. The front of the bangs were teased up and smoothed down, cut to shape into a point. Her bangs are almost heart-shaped, so I tried to keep that in mind. The two side pieces were curved towards her head and also made into points. I used lots of hairspray to keep them all together!

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

This is my original mushroom from years ago, and I made a tutorial!

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach

I can’t wait to make other Peach outfits from Mario Odyssey. Which of her new looks is your favorite?

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3 years ago

This is SO pretty!! You always inspire me so much, Kyla. <3 I love Peach, she's such a cutie. ^_^