It’s been a while since I’ve done a style post, huh? I was so excited when a few months ago my friend Nate Buchman asked to shoot with me, and we did two fun outfit shoots in Providence!

I’ve known Nate through cosplay that dates years back – we met at Boston Comic Con in 2014, and he’s shot some of my costumes like Alice Late But Lucky and Fashion Wario! I was so excited to do some “real life” photos with him.

What I Wore | Casual Harry Potter

Today I’m sharing a mini mini Harry Potter-inspired look, with a skirt I made from HP fabric! Somehow I always forget that making actual clothes for myself is an option, so I was really excited to make this and wear a normal look, outside of cosplay. I also got to use my Fleur Delacour wand from Universal studios, so that was a plus.

What I Wore | Casual Harry Potter

What I Wore | Casual Harry Potter

What I Wore | Casual Harry Potter

If you aren’t following Nate and his photography, be sure to check him out on Twitter and Instagram!

Do you ever make yourself clothes based on your favorite fandoms? Because I feel like I want to make skirts with any nerdy fabric I can find!

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