Ties & Bow Ties Obsession

Lately, I have begun to lust after bright & pretty ties & bow ties. But I have no idea how to wear them! All I can think of is with collard shirts, which I dislike wearing.
I found this great pattern for a bow tie, and I think this weekend if I have any time I might try making it!

In the meantime, I’ve gathered some colorful inspiration!

Beautiful colored ties by Buttons Magee

Bow ties by Forage, with some for the ladies too! And they’re on flickr!

Tie Me Down by Fernando de Sousa

Do you guys share my tie/bow tie obsession? Or have any tips for wearing them?


New Tote Bag

I’ve recently become obsessed with tote bags. I might even make a post of my favorite tote bags out there!
A few weeks ago I bought this fun tote from The Bold Banana on Etsy and it’s been love ever since. Normally I’m not a big mustache print fan, but I could’t resist this bag. I recommend checking out their shop, there is a ton of great stuff!

Do you guys use canvas totes? If so what are your favorites?