Free Printable Planning Stickers | May 2017

I fully admit, I’ve gotten deep into “happy planning”, or planner decorating each week. I started last year and bought an even bigger planner to decorate this year ^^ I save all sorts of goodies from conventions and packaging to use as scrapbook material for each week. It’s gotten to be a “Sunday ritual” for me to choose a theme and decorate for that week. It’s pretty therapeutic, even if I don’t exactly use a planner on the daily. It’s mostly used to schedule blog posts and decide what to work on each night.

Because of that, and because I’m still trying to keep up with #ArtEveryWeek, I thought it would be fun to offer free printable stickers for you to use in your own planners! All you need is a printer and some good sticker paper (I like this paper).

Free Printable Planning Stickers

Free Printable Planning Stickers
Free Printable Planning Stickers


Happy Planning! If you end up using these, let me know :)

(also, PS – I’ve made a separate Instagram account for my blog and illustrations
since my main is pretty cosplay-heavy – @kylaisinspired)


Craft Project // IKEA Stool

TI’ve been seriously neglecting crafting lately. The “crafts” tag here on Kyla Is Inspired has been pretty lackluster, too. But no longer!

Last weekend, I went to IKEA for a new dresser, and saw this stool, and knew I had to do a craft project with it. I mean, you can’t just go to IKEA for one thing, can you?!
Anyway, I’ve had this project stored in my “Inspiration” folder for months, and when I saw this stool at the store, I knew I had to put my spin on it!

I had no idea this stool was a simple step stool from IKEA that I myself could make! So when I saw it I got way too excited. A quick trip to Michaels, a Saturday Morning, and voila! My very own decorated IKEA stepstool!

Any upcoming crafting projects for you?


Peacock Love

Peacocks are my favorite animal, hands down. They are so beautiful and regal, and their colors are so inspiring to me. So, to celebrate them, I’ve picked out a few peacock etsy favorites!

Bold Peacock Kitty mini purse // Bold Peacock Lili clutch

Peacock Feathers Headband // Lady Amherst Feathers Headband

Peacock Feather and Swarovski Rhinestone Fascinator
// Double Peacock Feather Hair Clip

Are you guys peacock fans? What are your favorite animals?


My Suite Stuff Review

About 2 years ago, I came across My Suite Stuff, a company that makes handmade pillows, basically for nerds/designers.

I was hooked on their Creative Sleep collection; pillows that looked like the Adobe CS3 icons. I wanted them. Being the impulsive buyer that I am, I ordered the Illustrator and InDesign pillows. Look how much fun this promo image is!

I eagerly awaited my pillows (the site said about 6-9 weeks), so I expected them to come around Christmas (I ordered them in October). Well, they didn’t end up coming until March, which I was peeved about, but now that I’ve had them, I think they are so worth it!

I get lots of comments on them; definitely a conversation piece. Do you have a conversation piece where you live?