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Currently Loving | Summer

Ah, summer. It’s ironic that I’m posting this when I am, as it’s been raining for the past few days, and will continue to for a few more. It’s a little chilly too, but I know the warm, sunny weather is close. Though, I’m not terribly mad about the rain because it makes me feel less bad about staying in and sewing, ha!

Kyla Is Inspired | Summer List

Banana Dancing by Marta Angel | Hot Shit by Mary Kate McDevitt
Ice Lollies by Jordon Cheung | 3D Type by Andrew Footit
Modcloth Panoramic Picture Swimsuit

What I love most about summer is being outside in the sun, and enjoying cold treats. I love sitting on a blanket and baking in the sun (though don’t forget your spf!).

What do you love most about summer? Do you have any plans for the next coming months?

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Currently Loving | Plum & Gold

Well, the Northeast got hit last night with a terrible snowstorm, so I’m sitting at home today since work was cancelled (silent happy dance – amiright?). I thought today would be a great day to share a mini design-related currently loving post, since I’ve been all about finding pieces using plums and golds lately.

Currently Loving | Plum & Gold

one. waterbear | two. pony unicorn in space | three. STEM courses | four. University

What are you currently inspired by? And if you also just got hit with the snowstorm, I hope you’re keeping warm!

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Currently Loving | Gold Holiday

Gold Holiday

bib necklace | gold garland | troll pasta holder | skin hydrating set
gold straws | ampersand print | midi dress

There’s something about the Holidays that makes me want to exchange everything I own for gold. Am I alone in this? I love adding pretty gold sparkles and gold accented items to my regular household around this time of the year, it just makes everything more festive. And although I don’t have many holiday parties to go to this year, shimmery gold dresses and sparkly jewelry are all I can think about.

Are you decorating with gold this holiday season?

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Currently Loving | Dark Romance

kyla is inspired | currently loving

oysho lingerie | bread photography | type invitations | design – PSD | popped corn | diy pop rocks favors

I made this post thinking it would be perfect as we transition to fall….NOPE says the weather, we’re going to be stuck in hot & humid! (this no longer applies.) But there is still something to be said about the dark mystery of these colors. I think I’ll find myself gravitating more towards this style as the cooler months roll in. Are you a fan of this dark romance vibe?

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Currently Loving | Summer

So normally around this time of year, this post would be called “currently hating | summer” because I can’t stand the heat. I usually am not a fan at all of the sticky, hot New England summers, but I’m trying to make an effort to appreciate them more. It’s amazing what a good AC unit & refreshing summer drinks can do to your mentality, huh?

kyla is inspired | currently loving

peach fizz cocktail // dress & car // cover-up // twist scarf // pool photo

Anyone have any ideas on how to keep cool on the hottest of days?

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