What I Wore | Teals & Brights

What I Wore | Kyla Is Inspired
I know it’s been a while, but I’m back with a style post! Sam took these killer photos, and I love the way they came out! It’s fun playing around in front of a photo backdrop…and I love the way the colors just pop!

What I Wore | Kyla Is Inspired
I’ve also been wearing these Bonlook Honeybadger glasses almost every day. I know in most of my posts I have contacts in, but the truth is I wear glasses most of the time! I thought it was finally time to show that. I ordered these for myself for Christmas, and I can’t wait to start wearing them.

This color combo (teal & fuscia) is my absolute favorite at the moment, and I love pairing this top and sweater. Sometimes when the weather gets cooler, I love wearing brights pops of color. What colors are you loving this season?

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Fall Wishlist

fall wishlist
Now that fall is in full force, I thought I would share some of the things that I’m currently coveting for the season. I mean, can you really go wrong with a cozy sweater & blazer?

blazer | necklace | bag | heels | oxfords | mini clothespins | candle | sweater

What’s on your fall wish list this year?

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What I Wore | New Hair

Some of you might have seen on my instagram that I cut my hair…and here it is! I’m still getting used to it to be honest (it wasn’t what I had in mind…) but it definitely feels lighter. Any tips on getting used to a new cut??

kyla is inspiredkyla is inspiredkyla is inspired

Also can we talk about how it’s finally cooling down and making room for Fall? I’m so excited to be wearing boots & blazers again!

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What I Wore | Gettin’ Fancy

Sometimes you just want to dress up, right?

I’m lucky enough to have some amazing friends that will ask me if I want to go somewhere and take photos. Anthony and Sam did such a great job shooting these, and I had such a fun time dressing up in glitter and sparkles (thanks for letting me borrow your shirt, Sam).

kyla is inspired | gettin' fancykyla is inspired | gettin' fancy

All the jewelry you see is from Park Lane – my friend started selling them, and I got all these amazing pieces :) And in case you’re wondering, the shoes are Free People, and the skirt is H&M (I wear it at least once a week to work).

kyla is inspired | gettin' fancykyla is inspired | gettin' fancy

I hope I can share more fun What I Wore posts with you as the summer continues :) I hope you had a nice weekend!

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What I Wore // Summertime

It’s officially feeling like summer to me! All of these mini-trips I’ve been taking have made it feel worth it to be inside working all week. And I can’t wait to continue taking more trips as the summer continues :) These photos were taken just a short walk from where I live in a beautiful cemetery – you can see what it’s looked like during different seasons here and here.

kyla is inspired | summertimekyla is inspired | summertimekyla is inspired | summertime

I had also picked up these sunglasses from Target last weekend before Six Flags, so if I lost them I wouldn’t be heartbroken. So glad I got them – I’ve been wearing them non-stop!
kyla is inspired | summertime

Do you have any fun trips planned for this summer?

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