DIY Halloween Paper Chain

Happy fall, everyone!

This is a great, easy craft to instantly brighten a room for Halloween. I’m sure kids will have fun helping to create the chain! And it’s not too spooky either :)

Kyla Is Inspired | DIY Halloween Paper Chain


  1. Download and print the free pattern template. I recommend printing at least 2-3 copies of all the colors.
  2. Kyla Is Inspired | DIY Halloween Paper Chain

  3. Trim the white edges off of the paper
  4. Using a ruler, measure 2″ inch strips holding the paper horizontally, and cut.
  5. To assemble, loop one strand through the loop and tape closed. Then repeat! You can make your chain as long or short as you like. I like to alternate my colors.

Kyla Is Inspired | DIY Halloween Paper Chain

Kyla Is Inspired | DIY Halloween Paper Chain

I hope you have fun if you make this!! Do you have any go-to


Happy Saturday!

Whew – I’m back from Tokyo! And missed posting this yesterday…whoops :) I’ve taken some time to wrap my head around being back and getting back into a routine – always weird after a long vacation. And I feel like it’s extra strange that it’s almost Halloween – where did October go?? Obviously Halloween is one of my favorite days (hello costumes)…so here’s a few things this week to get into that spooky spirit:

Happy Friday!
Happy Friday!

Bat Balloons Oooh…spooky! I wish I was throwing a Halloween party because these huge bat balloons are amazing!

Overwatch Update This Mercy skin is everything…I don’t normally play her but I’m really hoping she comes in one of my crates. Which Halloween skin is your favorite?

Witch’s Brew Cocktail How fab does this look? It uses both Viniq and dry ice…I really want to try this out. Head over to Pizzazzerie to check out the recipe!

What are you most excited for this Halloween? Will you be hosting or attending any fun parties?


The Obligatory Halloween Post

Happy Halloween!

I hope everyone is having a spook-tastic day, and had a fun & safe weekend! I love looking at all your Halloween posts, there is so much creative out there!

If you follow my twitter, you’ll know that unfortunately, it snowed this weekend. A lot. My family got about 6 inches, some places got more than a foot (eek!) And I ended up with about 2-3, which is 2-3 too many. So we didn’t end up doing anything durning the storm, but had a blast last night dressing up and watching movies.

And I dressed as…Adobe InDesign! Talk about design nerd :) My friend Sam was Photoshop, and Karyn was Illustrator. It was a fun costume idea, but I think next time we need to get the whole Adobe Suite!

There was also a ridiculous Madonna wig that made it’s way around…I’m in the top right. I don’t know, I don’t think I’ll be going blonde anytime soon! :)

All photos by Karyn Jimenez-Elliot!

Did everyone have a great Halloween weekend? What were your costumes?