Animal Crossing | New Illustrations

Happy 2021, everyone! I’ve been slowly removing myself from posting on Instagram – I haven’t posted anything since the holidays and I don’t even miss it. Is anyone else moving in that direction?

I’ve stil been playing a lot of Animal Crossing, and here are some illustrations I’ve done so far in 2021 – myself & Poppy, and Pavé from Festivale! If you’ve been following me a long time, you may know my first logo during college was a peacock – so when Pavé arrived I knew I had to dig up that old logo and make it into Pavé.

Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Poppy
Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Pavé
Kyla Is Inspired | ACNH Pavé


How is your 2021 going so far?

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Merry & Bright

Hi everyone! I’m a few days late in posting this (but like…it seems appropriate for 2020) but I hope you all had a wonderful holiday! I am personally looking forward to 2021 so much, as I’m sure we all are.

These were my holiday cards this year, one of only a few things I actually created this year. I look forwards to making these each year and I had a lot of fun with this one – especially the color scheme:

Kyla Is Inspired | Merry & Bright

Kyla Is Inspired | Merry & Bright


I plan to welcome 2021 quietly with some champagne, cheese and cozy Animal Crossing :) Are you going to be celebrating the New Year? What are you most looking forwards to?

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Animal Crossing | Fall Pattern

First of all, I have to say it – THANK GOODNESS BIDEN/HARRIS WON! Like most people I know, I feel as though I can take a little sigh of relief, though I know the real work will begin in January. My inspiration these past few months has been nonexistent, thanks in part to stress and anxiety about the election.

Animal Crossing has been my escape, both playing and consuming content. This little fall illustration/pattern was inspired by all the fall “mush” items available in Animal Crossing:

What’s your favorite item so far in Animal Crossing? I’m in love with the Mush Lamp and Hyacinth Lamp :)

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Illustration | Fall Pin-ups

Who else is READY for cooler weather and the promise that halloween is just around the corner? THIS GIRL!

I haven’t been working on any costumes since March, but I have been drawing more. I found an old sketch from a few years ago of a fall witch, so I updated it just in time for the season change :)

Fall Witch Pin-Up

I also worked on a little Pumpkin Patch gal – I swear I am LIVING for warm and cozy colors lately!

What is your favorite thing about fall? For me it’s being lucky enough to live somewhere where the leaves change color, and being able to wrap up in layers :)

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My Quarantine Essentials

I have to admit, since the stay in place/quarantine directives came down ~18 weeks ago, I haven’t been feeling very creative. I started a sketch of my “quarantine essentials” about 2 weeks into stay at home, and it’s taken me this long to finish them.

Nintendo Switch: I’ve been playing Animal Crossing like crazy. Remember how I said I wasn’t being creative? A friend of mine told me I was being creative, just in a different way. I’m loving creating custom clothes and terraforming my island! I also recently started Mario Odyssey for the first time, and it’s soooo good.

Toilet paper: AKA the new currency. We stocked up months ago but have only seen it in stores a few more times. YIKES!

PS4: Ok, I admit the only game I’ve been “playing” on PS4 is Just Dance. It’s keeping me active…and sane!

Gaming headphones: Thank goodness for game nights of Overwatch with friends.

Ice cream: Need I say more?

Wine: Need I say more?

I want to know – what have you been doing to keep busy and sane during this time? Is anyone else playing Animal Crossing?

Also this is just your friendly reminder – just because something *is* open, doesn’t mean you *should* go. And please be sure you’re wearing your mask and social distancing! 

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