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I was so excited when my friend Melanie of My Billie Designs asked me to participate in her design party series. I had been wanting to create some wallpaper downloads for some time now, so this was the perfect push to do so.

Click here to visit My Billie & download the wallpapers here!

kyla is inspired | wallpaperkyla is inspired | wallpaper

The first wallpaper features a quote from the talented Douglas Adams, and the second was created after I had this intense craving for a croissant (I’ve been eating gluten free lately ;) )

Hope you like them! Visit Melanie to download the full sizes :)

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Illustration | Margaery Tyrell

Ok, who else is a Game of Thrones fan? Anyone else a Tyrell? I definitely relate most to the Tyrell family – they live in Highgarden, which is basically a massive castle with a million gardens around, and it is perpetually Spring. Yep, that’s me. So it’s no wonder one of my favorite characters is Margaery Tyrell.

It’s been approximately six years since I’ve last drawn & published fan art, so I figured it was about time ;)

kyla is inspired | margaery tyrellkyla is inspired | margaery tyrell

So Margaery’s dress is a bit different than the normal gold & yellow you usually see, but why can’t she be fashionable? Her dress is based off of thisAlexander McQueen dress.

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Inspired Translation | 3

It’s time for the third round of Inspired Translation with Jessica from Creative Index!

The quote:

-Happiness is a direction, not a place.

The inspiration:
inspired translation | the inspiration
(image source)

My Translation:
inspired translation | kyla

This one was lots of fun, the image is just so pretty, and I love this quote. It’s something that I need to remind myself every day.

Don’t forget to head over to Jessica’s blog and she how she translated the image!

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Kate Spade Illustrations

I adore the cheekiness of Kate Spade’s Fall 2013 collection. I knew I wanted to continue with my fashion illustration series, but wanted to amp it up in terms of the shading. I’m kind of in love with that second look.

kate spade fall 2013 | kyla is inspiredkate spade fall 2013 | kyla is inspiredkate spade fall 2013 | kyla is inspired

Any suggestions of a collection I should illustrate next? Have any all-time favorites?

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Illustration // Circus Pin-Up

Remember when I gave you a sneak peek at my newest illustration? Well, here she is in full! I’m so excited to have shared this with you. I’m hoping to have more time now to continue working on more personal illustrations :).

kyla is inspired | circus pin-upkyla is inspired | circus pin-upkyla is inspired | circus pin-up

See more illustrations here!

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