Let’s Talk Princess Peach

Happy Thursday everyone! I would be doing my normal Friday post, but I’ll be heading out to Anime Boston tomorrow morning, so I’ll miss all of your posts!

Today I wanted to talk about a character that has held significant meaning for me since a young age: Princess Peach. I actually did a cocktail dress cosplay of her last year, and am making her amiibo dress for this year’s PAX! She is 100% my favorite Nintendo/Smash Bros character, and I can’t wait to dress like her next month!

So in honor of my favorite princess, here are some of my favorite Peach illustrations:
Princess Peach Illustrations

Paulina Ganucheau | Sakimichan

Princess Peach Illustrations

Estivador | Joshua Dunbar

& I have to throw in my own Racer Peach illustration I did last year:
Princess Peach | Kyla Is Inspired

Here are some fun Peachy themed items:
Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Peach
Tote Bag | Laptop Decal | Earrings | Amiibo | Retro Poster | Ruffled Apron

Are you a fan of Peach? Which character do you always choose when you play Mario Kart?

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Spring Favorites

I’m here writing this Spring post and I’m laughing because I have a snow day and am sitting at home in my PJ’s. Is it really Spring? It sure doesn’t feel like it.

Anyway, once the weather does start getting warmer, here are some of my favorites for this season:

Kyla Is Inspired | Spring Favorites

Chibimoon Bracelet – I have two necklaces from this same seller on etsy (both Sailor Moon themed), and I love this Chibimoon charm bracelet. Adorable!

Zip Pouch – Loving the colors in this pouch – I love keeping essentials in pouches like that at cons, and since spring means con season for me, this is perfect.

Cat “Neko” Earrings – Cat earrings! These are so cute.

Back Up Charger – Speaking of con season, I always have a back up charger on me. Why not make it cute & stylish, too?

Nike Sneakers – Lately I’ve been taking 2+ mile walks everyday during my lunch break, and my feet have not been pleased! So I’m on the hunt for cute sneakers that will keep my feet happy.

Sakura Bath Bomb – I feel like I’m way late to the party, but I only just discovered bath bombs a few months ago. This sakura scent would be perfect for spring!

What are your favorites for Spring?

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Since it’s now February (where did January go?!), that basically means it’s Valentine’s Day! Not my favorite holiday (nor a lot of people’s…) but it’s a great excuse to spend time with loved ones or get yourself a little pick-me-up. Speaking of pick-me-ups, here’s a little list of some fun valentine treats:

Valentine's 2016

Be Mine Card Cheesey, adorable, and to the point. For all the science nerds out there!

Pixel Heart Quilt This quilt is actually handmade by my friend, Tara! This is a large baby quilt, but I can see this being used easily as a lap quilt.

Pixel Washi Tape Use this pixel tape to tape up your valentine’s card – or for general scrapbooking goodness.

Romance Orée Board The ultimate romance for your geeky and gaming partner; you can choose initials to highlighted in red on the keyboard.

8-Bit Flower Bouquet Because real flowers are so boring, right?

Sailor Moon Cosmic Heart Necklace I have a different Sailor Moon necklace from this seller, and can say it makes a great gift.

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Nerdy Gift Guide | For Everyone!

SO it’s *almost* time for the holidays, but I’m not too late in some last-minute gift ideas for your nerdy friends and family!

Yesterday I went to the Geek Generation’s holiday party, and we exchanged “bags of awesome” – basically, “Loot Crate” holiday bags filled with nerdy goodness to share. I actually bought a few of the items I’m sharing today, and it got me thinking; what last-minute nerdy gift ideas would be great for giving?

Kyla Is Inspired | Nerdy Gift Ideas

01 DIY Unicorn | 02 Axent Wear Headphones | 03 Bulbasaur Planter | 04 Grumpy Elf Dunny | 05 Lightsaber Chopsticks | 06 Comic Book Washi Tape

I actually bought those light saber chopsticks for my bag of awesome – and they were a success! I was kinda jealous of the person that got them. ;)

What nerdy gifts are you giving this year?

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Fun Flash Drives

Who doesn’t love a good flash drive, am I right? I was clearing out some of my old bookmarks and found these drives, and it prompted me to want to pull together some of the most fun drives I could find. So, here’s a whole bunch of clever flash drives that look way cooler than those boring ones we probably all have:

Fun Flash Drives

empty memory by logical art | kate spade bow | wooden usb stick by oooms | clé usb keys
data clips by nendo | marceline mimobot | sabochan MIMOBOT® by tokidoki

Do you have a fun flash drive, or any sort of crazy fun tech gadgets? I’m feeling quite embarrassed of my cruzer drive which yes, I still use…

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