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For this week’s Product & Print, I’m using two of my favorite artists/Etsy shops: Blackbird And The Owl & Jared Nickerson! I’m amazed that I haven’t found this pairing before…I would love to have this print hanging on my wall, and laying this beautiful ipad case on a table nearby.

Product & Print

Where would you hang this print in your house?

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Happy Friday: Freezing Edition

Happy Friday: Winter Edition

If you’re also in the US, chances are you have also been experience below-normal temperatures. I’m used to it being cold in the winter, but definitely not this cold! Today’s Friday post is dedicated to that…we have Alex of The Cherry Blossom Girl in Iceland, enjoying the winter. And then we have ‘Towner’ by Lucas Galoto, an illustration of Saint Basil’s Cathedral, covered in snow. Which is pretty much how I’ve been feeling lately.

What have you been doing to keep warm? Have you been enjoying the cold and snow?

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Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato

This project may be old (like 2011 old) but Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato still has to be one of the most amazing design projects I’ve seen floating around Kickstarter.

Beyond Earth by Stephen Di Donato
According to Stephen,

Designed as if it were produced at the pinnacle of space travelling, Beyond Earth is a poster series produced at high level.

It’s no surprise I’m a huge fan of space and sci-fi, so of course I immediately loved this project. It’s hard to choose a favorite poster, but I really like Neptune…which is your favorite?

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New Year’s Sparkle & Shine

New Year's Eve 2014

01. navy stud earrings | 02. cocktail ring | 03. glitter clutch | 04. cut-out wedges | 05. navy sequin dress | 06. bra/panty set

I hope everyone has had a nice Holiday break! I actually have a full two weeks off from work, so I’ve really been enjoying my time off. I had a nice, relaxing break with my family, but I can’t wait for New Year’s! It’s no shock that I’m a big fan of glitter and sparkles, so of course, I had to put together a super sparkly New Year’s outfit! ;) I mean, how perfect is the navy sequin dress? You really can’t go wrong with the gold accents and shape.

How will you be ringing in the new year? I’m still not 100% sure what I’ll be doing, but I hope it involves lots of glitter and champagne!

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Happy Friday & Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays | 2013

Happy Friday! Today after work I’m headed up to NH to spend the week with my family. I’m looking forward to lots of baking, watching the Food Network, and playing around on my sewing machine ;) I’ll be taking a break from blogging until after Christmas, but I’ll be active on twitter and instagram.

I hope everyone has a Happy Holiday! What are your plans?

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