Valentine’s [Nerdy] Style

With February comes that obligatory Valentine’s Day post!

For me, Valentine’s day has never been a big deal, and is just an excuse to eat really good food. These cute gift ideas and cards are a great alternative to your typical chocolate-and-roses route (which honestly, is a classic). I love finding geeky things that are still great for Valentine’s day but will hold up over time:

Kyla Is Inspired | Valentine's [Nerdy] Style

BB Mine Card | Sailor Moon Necklace | Pikachu Pin
One Punch Man Card | 8-bit Heart Magnets | PS I Love You Phone Case

What are you planning on doing for Valentine’s day? Whatever it is, I hope you have a great dat :)



Wow, I can’t believe it’s February already! January seemed to fly by for me. Does it feel like that for anyone else?

I posted one of my goals this year was to create art every week, and I’ve been using #arteveryweek to document. Creating something every day just wasn’t realistic to me. Ever since I started cosplaying my art has fallen to the side, and I’m hoping this goal will be the kick in the butt I need to get other things (like starting an online shop) moving.

Here’s what I created during January:

Emily & Tracer – Overwatch

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Mila – Yuri On Ice!!

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Original Character – Wedding Reception (drawn while at a friend’s wedding)

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

Shiro & Keith – Voltron (in honor of season 2)

Art Every Week | Kyla Is Inspired

I challenge you to create something every week, too! It doesn’t need to be a drawing; maybe it’s a scrapbook page or a fun baking recipe. The goal this year is to stay creative, one week at a time :)

Also – if you have any thoughts/recommendations on who I should draw, just let me know!


Pin It

So I have shamelessly gotten into the “pin game”, or #pingame, or flair or whatever you want to call it, and I’m not looking back. I started seeing flair creep into bloggers and instagrammers I follow and when I looked into it more and started discovering artists, I was hooked.

I tried taking some fun & glittery photos but damn! Shooting gold plated pins on sparkly paper is hard. Here is my [rapidly growing] pin collection so far:

Kyla Is Inspired | #pingame

White DiamondYesterday’s Co | Ice Cream Conesockie | I Am Very BusyBando | TamagotchiFairycakes | Cotton CandyFatally Feminine
Rin & Mt Fuji – souvenirs from Japan!

Are any of my readers Free! fans? Because I definitely squealed when I saw the Rin pin. He’s become a fave and permanent fixture on my favorite blazer.

As I posted in my New Year’s resolution post, one of my goals this year is to open an online shop, and I’m toying with the idea of creating a couple of my own pin designs. I have the ideas, it’s just actually setting out and doing them! ;)

Here’s a few more pins for your flair game:
Kyla Is Inspired | #pingame

1: Thesparklecollective
2: Sugar & Vice
3: Not Magic Shop
4: Really Big Dill Shop
5: RockCakes

Do any of you collect pins or flair? What are some of your favorites? I’m always looking for more fun finds!


Penelope 2017

With 2017 comes new art goals for me! Over the past few years I sort of stopped drawing as much in favor of blogging, then later, cosplay. I’m now trying to find a balance of the 3 hobbies…easier said than done though, huh?

I’ve shared my original character Penelope before (here & here) so I wanted to share a few more.

Kyla Is Inspired | Penelope the Pin-Up Space Cadet
Kyla Is Inspired | Penelope the Pin-Up Space Cadet
Kyla Is Inspired | Penelope the Pin-Up Space Cadet

I like using Penelope as an exercise to try out different styles; the top is vector (my typical style) and the bottom was drawn on Procreate.

Do you have an original character you’ve created? I’d love to see if you do!


Happy Friday!

Wow – almost 2 weeks gone of 2017! I’m heading off to a winter wonderland wedding this weekend and am looking forward to relaxing a bit. We finally got hit hard with snow and I’m trying to finish my Winter Belle costume quickly to get some photos.

Happy Friday!
Kyla Is Inspired | Happy Friday!

Geo Bomber Jacket | I love the funky colors and shapes on this bomber jacket. I personally don’t own a bomber jacket, but if I needed to get one this would be it.

Emili Magical Girl Enamel Pin 1 | Emili Kimono Girl Enamel Pin 2 | Have I mentioned how much I adore collecting enamel pins? Bonus if they’re cute girls wearing Kimonos! Stami Studios on Etsy has a lot of fun pins to choose from.

Snow White by MeoMai | Have you seen Jessica’s art? She does stylized characters that are so gorgeous to look at.

What are you loving this week?