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Cosplay Breakdown | Princess Wario

Hi all! I’m so excited to share my latest cosplay, and first original design ever, Princess Wario! I came up with this idea after being stumped on what to bring to PAX East. I’ve debuted all of my Nintendo Princesses at PAX (Rosalina, Peach, Daisy), and one day I sketched out a concept for Princess Wario, in the style of Peach and Daisy. Here we go!

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Kyla Is Inspired | Princess Wario Cosplay

Read more to see how I made the full costume! 

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Eco Point Mei Cosplay Work Log | Part III Tank

I’m back with part 3 of Mei’s cosplay breakdown! Part I covers her jacket and Part II covers the boots if you want to check those out. For the third and final part we’ll be tackling her tank!

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Let’s jump in!


  • 3 gallon Water jug (I bought this one from Amazon)
  • Half a hollow styrofoam ball (found at Michael’s and Jo-Anns for under $10)
  • LOTS of sheets of thin craft foam
  • Plasti-dip & spray primer
  • Acrylic paints – I recommend PlaidFX paints
  • 1/4″ tubing (I got mine at Home Depot)
  • LED lights for inside Snowball’s head


Mei’s tank, according to the short, is a water gallon which makes things much easier since a water tank is easy to find and very lightweight. The bottom of the jug (with the handle and nozzle) is left empty, so I focused on the top portion. There are 3 distinct “sections” of the tank: a white band (that looks like it’s wrapped), a black band, and a red band. I laid all of this out in foam flat before gluing it around the top third of the tank. The white “wrap” area is just strips of 1/2″ foam added to mimic the look of layered materials.

To make the back “box” portion that sits on top, I made a box out of foam and glued it together – I don’t really think it’s “accurate” but I like the effect of how it looks. All details are foam to keep it as lightweight as possible. The black tubing is the 1/4″ clear tubing that I pained with acrylics.

To seal everything, I covered up the exposed tank with plastic wrap and plasti-dipped all the foam pieces.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

The painting was all hand done with acrylics, and weathered using an old paintbrush and black and brown paint.


Snowball was a collaboration between myself and Sam. He started out as a half styrofoam dome. We carved out his face area and sanded the edges until smooth. This took patience; the styrofoam is very easy to tear!

Once the carving was done he was primed and spray painted. If you don’t prime, the paint will eat the styrofoam. Any additional details were painted on using acrylics.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay
Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei CosplayHow he attaches to the tank: This was a challenge. In the end we used a mix of heavy duty velcro and pins that stick into the foam. He sits on a platform at that’s about 2″ inside the foam “collar”. He’s removable via velcro to allow us to turn on the little LED lights in his face, which are also velcroed inside of the foam circle. The black platform can also slide out of the tank, and there are LED lights velcroed to that. When they turn on, they illuminate the tank from the flat end side.


The tank slides over my shoulders like a backpack. They’re attached to the tank using epoxy for maximum adhesive. Since that looked pretty messy, I glued a piece of EVA foam on top and painted/weathered it black. Not the most professional looking, but it’s sturdy and sits on my back so it’s not too visible.

Kyla Is Inspired | Eco Point Mei Cosplay

Phew! That takes us to the end of Part 3, Mei’s tank! You’ll probably be able to borrow some of these tips and tricks if you’re doing any of her other skins.

Here’s the rest of Mei’s tutorials! Finished costume post coming shortly:)

Part I – Jacket | Part II – Boots

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Cosplay | Casual Rosalina

Last year I made Peach’s Mario Odyssey casual outfit, and I thought, why not make a Rosalina version??

In order to save money, I decided to create this from materials I already owned…though it definitely helped that I had the wig from when I cosplayed Rosalina in 2015, and her tennis version in 2016 :)

Kyla Is Inspired | Casual Rosalina

The Costume Elements:

Wig & Luma plushie: From my original Rosalina cosplay.

Blouse: From Odyssey Peach

Skirt: This is Ariel’s skirt, which I shortened. I used heat n’ bond to attach the stars using white fabric I had laying around

Bow & Necktie fabric: Leftover from either Elsa, Rosalina, Tennis Rosalina, or Ariel :) The white fabric paint was leftover from mixing color’s for McCree.

Wand: I 3D printed the star, painted it gold, and attached it to a dowel I had. Super simple!

Rhinestones: I had so many leftover from Snow White!

Kyla Is Inspired | Casual Rosalina

Have you made costumes from scraps you’ve had leftover before? What did you make?

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Eco Point Mei Cosplay Work Log | Part II – Boots

I’m back with part 2 of Mei’s cosplay breakdown! This time I’ll be sharing her boot process. Part I covers her jacket if you want to check that out!

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log
Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial


  • 4 sheets EVA Foam – 1/2″ thickness
  • 1 large roll of thin foam (can be found at Michael’s
  • 2 yards of blue spandex
  • 1/4 yard of red spandex
  • Leftover fur from Mei’s jacket
  • Worbla
  • Yellow and silver acrylic paint
  • Silver buttons

Honestly, the boots were the last project I started, but the first to finish! I was the most terrified of making these, but I’m very happy with how they turned out. My biggest concern was that I needed to be able to wear my comfortable Clark’s shoes (I’ve fractured my foot twice over 3 years, so supportive footwear only!) and slip into the boots, so the structure was going to be key.

The main structure is all EVA foam – we bought a pack on Amazon for $20. Sam really helped with this part :) The bottom base is just an oval, traced over my shoe so there is about 2-3 extra inches of surface area around the sole. It has little raised pieces of foam on the toe and heel where I need to slip my foot in, so when I walk I’m not kicking around in the boot. It’s nice and snug so the shoe doesn’t have any wiggle room. We made a “cage” over the toe of the foot to create the large rounded look of the toes.

Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial
Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial

The back portion of the boot is the thick EVA Foam, but the entire boot is wrapped with a large sheet of thin craft foam (look for a roll like this). Everything is glued together with hot glue. To cover the toe of the boot, I cut a diamond notch out of the front so it could form around the round end.

Then came the most tedious part of the project, which is covering the boots. I had this great blue spandex fabric, but I didn’t want to just wrap it around the boot – I wanted it to be smooth. So, I ended up covering pieces of foam and sewing the spandex on top. Then I could wrap and glue the foam to the boots. The fabric/foam pieces were layered over a strip of fur, and I added silver buttons for accents.

Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial

The silver back piece of the boot is 1/4″ foam that was painted silver and glued to the fabric parts. The last bit of detailing I did was the bottom yellow – it’s worbla that I shaped over pieces of foam, so the bottom of the boots wouldn’t bend at all during the stress of wear. I painted it all yellow with acrylic paints. Then I just glued the fur to the top of the boots.

Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial

And voila! I’m extremely proud of these boots; it’s one of the strangest projects I’ve worked on and they came out great. While I am able to slip my foot into the boot, they’re impossible to wear for more than a few yards – they’re clunky and very hot! So I ended up carrying them most of the con and slipping into them for photos :)

Hopefully this tutorial was helpful!

Kyla Is Insipred | Mei Boots Tutorial

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Eco Point Mei Cosplay Work Log | Part I

Hi everyone! I thought it would be fun to document my progress of creating Eco Point Mei, my newest costume, before I debut her at PAX East 2019. This post will be in 3 (or 4) parts: jacket, tank & gun, boots, accessories. Here’s part 1!

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

I’m not good at creating patterns from scratch, so I used Simplicity 1759 as a start. Using wrapping paper with a grid, I traced out the existing pattern into a larger, boxy fit. The grid was key for me to trace out what would become the leather parts, making sure they lined up evenly. I created a mock-up using muslin to make sure my pattern lined up…and it did! I was shocked I didn’t have to create it twice. I left plenty of room for seam allowance.

The jacket has 4 components:

  1. Fashion Fabric – “wrong side” of red satin (bought 4 yards, had extra)
  2. Red lining (bought 4 yards, had extra)
  3. Quilting batting
  4. Faux leather upholstery fabric – I used leftover from McCree’s chaps

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

To start, I cut the out all of the main pieces of red fabric, in the fashion fabric, lining, and batting.

I laid down all 3 layers of the jacket at once (which in hindsight could have been a mistake, see how messy the inside was below). I sewed together any edges that would be showing; the bottom, and front seams, mostly so the layers would hold together. To “quilt” the pieces, I drew my sections in chalk (I think the squares were 4″).

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

For the leather pieces, I drew the pattern on the back (diamonds instead of squares) and sewed them using a light tan color thread for contrast. To attach the pieces to the red fabric, I folded down each edge and carefully sewed it down.

The sleeves followed the same process as the jacket, except on one arm I added an overwatch patch and painted on “ECOPOINT”. The sleeves were a pain in the butt to attach…too many layers! D:

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

The hood is a completely separate entity and isn’t attached to the jacket. There’s no batting in this; just a thick interfacing to give the hood some structure. I actually used my Shinoa hood as a template for this pattern. The fur was then hand-stitched on.

Kyla Is Inspired | Ecopoint Mei Cosplay Work Log

The last component was the zipper; I used a 26″ separating zipper, though it’s really more for show since Mei’s jacket is kind of folded over and held in place with a belt.

Let me know if you have any specific questions about this! Part 2 will be coming shortly…I just have to finish the props first! :)

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