Dribbble Finds

You guys, I love dribbble. I use it to share my own illustrations, but there’s a lot of great design snippets on there, too. So to share some inspiration with you today, I thought I’d showcase some great (and random!) dribbble shots.

dribbble favorites

1ong Way Home by Katie Chinaski | Pattern for a Videographer by Shauna Haider
TBT by Martin Azambuja | The Alternate Side S03 • E11 by Marlene Silviera
Best of the City by Alex Perez | Jingling Gate Key Icon by Jessica Levitz

Do you have any favorite shots? And if you’re on dribbble, I’d love to follow you!

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Future 52

I came across the Future 52 project last week, and boy, what a great idea it is. “Fifty-two weeks. Fifty-two creators. Fifty-two creations.”

This blog was created to help a Bishop, an employee of “The Company”, in the year 2297. As detailed in the below time transmission, an apocalyptic scenario on Earth has led Bishop to once again seek the help of designers and illustrators from our time period.

Read more about the project and it’s creators here.

Future 52

DoughBo Spy Bot by Justin Pervorse | Clean Up Crew Orbital Base #17 by Alex Riegert-Waters
Flexoskeletal Hover Patrol Suit by Chaz Russo | 2K/2K Vision by Logan Faerber
The S.S. Rum St-ARGH-ship by Adam Grason

Make sure you go check out the entire project – there are so many creative illustrations here! Which of these are your favorites?

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Color Me | White

Kitty and I are back with another Color Me series! And this month we decided to do white. I actually found this one to be a challenge for me, only because I typically go for bright colors. But it was fun! And with it starting to feel more and more like summer with the heat, white was perfect.

color me | white

ceramic spoons | white heart stickers | scalloped skater dress
sparkling water packaging | red eyes by zatransis | paper dolls editorial by the makerie studio | “white” by uturo128


Let’s talk about those amazing illustrations – who knew white could have so much depth? And I love the paper dolls project – so creative.

Be sure to check out Kitty’s post! And I’m curious…what inspires you about the color white?

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Color Me | Plum

I’m back again with another “Color Me” collaboration with Kitty! This month we chose to do the color plum – one of my personal favorites!

color me plum

cosmos wallpaper | lace halter bra | alice & olivia dress
space jump illustration | sunglasses | vintage pin-up

This one was a lot of fun to create – something about plum just makes me feel at ease. I may have gone a little bit too fuschia, but I still love everything here. That cosmos wallpaper is is soon to find a home on my phone, and the lace halter bra is really pretty. Do you have any plum favorites?

And don’t forget to check out Kitty’s post!


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Playing Arts

Have you guys seen this project called Playing Arts? 52 artists from all over the world illustrated their own playing card, in their own style. You can buy the whole deck of cards right here. Below are some of my favorites:

Playing Arts
Playing Arts

3 of Hearts | Mercedes DeBellard
6 of Clubs | Fernando Volken Togni
10 of Hearts | Caramelaw
Jack of Spades | Bakea
Jack of Diamonds | Newfren
Queen of Spades | Ise Ananphada

Be sure to check out the whole project, and I want to know – which ones are your favorites?

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