Fashion Illustration | Red Valentino

Red Valentino Illustration

One of my goals for this year is to keep up with my fashion illustration column, though I keep finding it harder and harder to find time to create things for myself anymore. Hopefully, I’ll keep this up and continue the series!

So I know posting a Spring collection when it’s super snowy may seem odd, but when I saw this collection I thought of the winter months, with the pastels and blacks, and fell in love it. I mean, can Red Valentino really do wrong?

Red Valentino Spring 2014 RTW

Are you a fan of this collection?


J. Crew Illustrations

So last winter, I created these little illustrations for one of the PVD Lady Project events at our local J. Crew, and I realized I never shared them with you! Whoops.

j. crew illustrations - fall/winter 2012

I would still totally wear all these looks now. Even though Spring is in the air in the fashion world, we’ve been getting hit hard with snow, so I’m still completely in winter fashion mode! Is it warming up where you are?

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