I Admire | Pellisco

I have been following Pellisco on Behance for a while, and I always get excited when I see a new project. His style is energetic and colorful, and so vibrant. These are some of my favorite projects:

I Admire | Pellisco
I Admire | Pellisco

Orion | Late Night | Lost at the Helm | After Life

That first Orion project has to be my favorite – something about that character is so captivating. Be sure to follow Pellisco on behance…you’ll get to see many more of his projects (and each one is amazing)!

You can also find him on:
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Do you have any illustrators or designers you admire? I love finding more creatives to follow!


I Admire | Caleb Thomas “CT”

Caleb Thomas (“CT”) is an illustrator I’ve been following for a while, because he draws such phenomenal lady illustrations. Seriously, his characters are amazing. Just look at some of my favorites!

Caleb Thomas (CT)

You should also check out his personal character project, the Annie Mei Project. According to CT, “The Annie Mei Project is a project featuring Annie Mei as a girl with extraordinary abilities and purpose!” And she certainly is! Just look at some of these designs he’s done of Annie Mei.

Caleb Thomas (CT)

That bottom Annie Mei is my favorite, though you really need to look at the whole Annie Mei project to find your favorite.

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And don’t forget to check out his shop…there’s definitely a few prints I’m eying!


I Admire | Danielle Sylvan

I was lucky enough to meet Danielle Sylvan Dernoga at Anime Boston a few weeks ago, and I immediately fell in love with her illustrations. Her booth immediately caught my eye, and were my absolute favorite of the day. They’re so whimsical and feminine, which is right up my alley! Plush, she has a great mix of fan art and original art.

Danielle Sylvan | Illustration

I bought the Ashe print (the top one), and I couldn’t be happier. Be sure you check her shop, she has a lot of really fun prints. I’m also eying the Looking Glass one!

Be sure to check out Danielle:
Portfolio | Shop | Blog | Deviantart