Illustration | Penelope, Space Cadet Take 2

Remember when I first shared my little character Penelope? Well, I’ve created a new illustration with her!

You might have also noticed, she’s featured at the top of my brand new layout! Yep, I finally re-vamped my site, made it mobile friendly, and added a new page for my cosplay. Yay!

Penelope, Pin-Up Space Cadet

Penelope, Pin-Up Space Cadet

Once the hype of PAX East dies down, I’ll have some more time to myself to focus on blogging and drawing more. But for now…must.finish.costumes (I was ambitions and am making three…). Anyone else going to be at PAX?


Illustration Round-Up | Hatsune Miku

Do you guys know of Hatsune Miku and Vocaloid? Vocaloid is a singing voice synthesizer, and you can choose Miku as your voice to use in the software to make songs. According to her official site, Hatsune Miku means “The first Sound from the Future”, and her voice has been featured in over 100,000 songs.

Here are some stunning illustrations by various artists of Miku herself:

Hatsune Miku Illustrations

Hatsune Miku Illustrations

Hatsune Miku Illustrations

Hatsune Miku Illustrations
Eddy Shinjuku

What do you think of Miku? I’ve never used Vocaloid before, but Mike is featured in one of my favorite, silliest videos on the internet, which you can watch here.

Also: if there’s any specific character/game/show/genre/ANYTHING you’d like to see featured here, let me know! I’m always open to suggestions.


Happy Holidays!

Wow, can you believe how 2014 seemed to fly by? I can’t.

Kyla Is Inspired | Happy Holidays

My blogging has definitely shifted this year, going away from a traditional fashion blog to sharing more illustration and cosplay. I’ve also stopped posting as much and want to focus more on sharing quality over quantity, and creating my own content (whether it’s illustration or cosplay). I’m hoping you’ll join me again next year on my blog journey!

What are you doing for the holidays? Whatever it is, I hope you have a safe & fun rest of the year :)


Tis the season to celebrate!

Wow, sorry for the radio silence everyone! The holiday season always seems to get crazy, and I’ve been so busy with other things that I’ve sort-of forgotten to post.

Anyway, I’d like to share with you my latest illustration, for the Lady Project’s 2014 Holiday Guide! (It’s on page 27). Oh yeah, and I was also a model for it…let’s just say I don’t think I have a career in modeling ahead of me ;)

Lady Project Illustration

Also, remember this step-by-step I shared a few weeks back? Yep, this is the final!

I’m hoping to queue up some more posts, but this month is always tough. What are you doing? Do you have a lineup of parties and activities this month?


Illustration Process

Happy Monday everyone!

Today I thought I’d share something a bit different: my illustration process. I see all of my favorite illustrations doing the same, so I thought, why not?

This particular illustration is part of a much larger commissioned holiday piece, but I wanted to show my basic process for illustration of these ladies, as it’s the same for most of my pieces. I also want to mention, all of my illustrations are vector-based, created in illustrator.

Kyla Is Inspired | Illustration Process

Sketch: Pretty basic. I’ll either draw directly in photoshop (like this), or scan something I drew in pencil.

Line art: This is where I “ink” over my sketch with lines in illustrator. I also clean up any errors I may have had with the sketch.

Flat colors: I block in the basic colors of my drawing. Usually I go through lots of options before settling on something I like. Here, I went with festive warm colors.

Shading! I usually do some basic shading over the whole drawing first. My process is lots of shapes of varying opacity. Once I get the basic shading done, I go over it again with contrasting colors to create depth. This particular illustration has no light source, and it’s going to be small when printed, so I didn’t go crazy with this step as I do with others.

Final effects: Here, I added shading “dots” and sparkles to the girls to make them pop. This step would typically also include creating a background, but since this is part of something larger I skipeed this.


I hope this sheds some light into my process! It’s different for everyone, and this is just my way. What are your processes for creating something? I’d love to know!