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Oh look, another Sailor Moon-related post! Oh well. Ever since the remake has started airing, I’m thrown back into nostalgia and revisit my childhood. Usagi/Sailor Moon was my favorite hero and I love seeing so many fun tributes throughout the years. So, here are some more favorites!

Sailor Moon | Product & Print

buns & guns shirt is probably the goofiest, silliest, cutest shirt I’ve seen in a while, and it would be so cozy in the winter. Compared with the cute print by Jizzybro, we see two very different takes on the character, but both are still so essentially Sailor Moon.

Do you have any Sailor Moon favorites?

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Product & Print | 072

I think I’m feeling ready for cooler weather, since today’s Product & Print features a vintage-y, slightly woodland theme that makes me think of autumn.

Product & Print

These magnet sets by Franklin Mills are so adorable I could squeal. Deigned by Russ Gray, there is a whole selection of office products like journals and pencils that have this same theme. Amazing, right? Definitely worth checking out.

I also really love this gig poster by Tron Burgundy, the slightly distressed look with the blue would match really well with the magnet set.

What do you think – am I getting a little ahead of myself in wishing for fall? What sorts of products are you keeping your eyes out for this season? I guess at the moment, I’m really liking the kitchy woodland look!

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Product & Print | 070

Product & Print

Here’s a bright and cheerful Product & Print for your Tuesday morning!

I love the fun Colorful Pinwheels print by Danny Ivan. Wouldn’t it look great in a kid’s room, or a craft room?

I’ve loved Momiji dolls for a while, and have been wanting to purchase one for my vinyl toys collection (not like I really need more!). One of these cuties would look great in the same room that pinwheel print is hanging in, wouldn’t it? I’m thinking the Adventure one!

What items would you put in a kid’s or craft room?

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Product & Print | 069

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a Product & Print post, but in honor of the new Sailor Moon Crystal (which you can watch on hulu!), I wanted to share something in honor of the first episode. I was a massive Sailor Moon fan growing up, so the new reboot is really exciting.

Product & Print

I love this Luna Print more than anything…I haven’t seen a pink watercolor Luna, and I want it hanging in my sewing room!

Sailor Moon jewelry is always fun, and GlitterBombUK nailed it with their Star Locket. I love how fun and bright it is. I don’t own much novelty jewelry but I would definitely wear this!

Have any of you watched the new episode yet? Or did you watch the show when you were younger?

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Product & Print | 068

When I was younger, I used to know summer had arrived because school vacation started. I’ve been out of school now for four years, and I still have trouble deciding when “summer” has arrived. This weekend, I enjoyed lemonades and sitting in the park on a blanket in the sun with some friends. And all of a sudden, it felt like summer.

product & print

I’ve been wanting to get a nice one-piece swimsuit for this summer, and this one from Modcloth is pretty perfect. I love the print and colors…it’s so tropical. The vibrant colors in this print by Ben Geiger also have me dreaming of summer – neons and fern prints go so well together.

What makes you think of summer?

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