Free Printable Planning Stickers | May 2017

I fully admit, I’ve gotten deep into “happy planning”, or planner decorating each week. I started last year and bought an even bigger planner to decorate this year ^^ I save all sorts of goodies from conventions and packaging to use as scrapbook material for each week. It’s gotten to be a “Sunday ritual” for me to choose a theme and decorate for that week. It’s pretty therapeutic, even if I don’t exactly use a planner on the daily. It’s mostly used to schedule blog posts and decide what to work on each night.

Because of that, and because I’m still trying to keep up with #ArtEveryWeek, I thought it would be fun to offer free printable stickers for you to use in your own planners! All you need is a printer and some good sticker paper (I like this paper).

Free Printable Planning Stickers

Free Printable Planning Stickers
Free Printable Planning Stickers


Happy Planning! If you end up using these, let me know :)

(also, PS – I’ve made a separate Instagram account for my blog and illustrations
since my main is pretty cosplay-heavy – @kylaisinspired)

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