Product & Print // 007

This week is all about bright & energetic…just look at the energy in that pattern! And I love the simple packaging of that cider…I’m a sucker for some good packaging. And speaking of ciders…does anyone have a favorite fall drink they can recommend?

product & print 007

product // print

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9 years ago

I want that pattern on my wall! So pretty :)

that cider! ohmygosh. so do you stalk the dieline – because i do?

perfection in these posts

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

9 years ago

I LOVE the dieline…guilty of stalking! ;)

9 years ago

Oh I love their branding. It’s amazing how a design brand can be so well done.

9 years ago

Alright, now I’ve got to look for this cider because I want that bottle!

9 years ago
9 years ago

Love the colour and print! So bright and cheery

9 years ago

Love this color and graphic so much. It’s totally perfect for the unbelievably gorgeous fall weather we’ve been hit with!

Just the love the bright colors! I am so obsessed with patterns this season

9 years ago

OMG that cider is perfect. I want to track some down right now.

9 years ago

Ouu good timing with the orange for October ;) Now I’m craving some cider, that looks deeeelishhhh and I love the chunky script they used for the package!


9 years ago

I wish that print was a quilt that I could put on my bed.