Product & Print // 010

OK, I swear not all of this series will be space-related! But come on, space makes for some seriously rad images. This whole diffraction series is gorgeous. And it matches that fun party dress so perfectly!

product & print // 010

product // print

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9 years ago

New Year’s Dress?? I think yes.

9 years ago

erm… yah! gimme that dress!!! i’d love to sparkle once in a while!

9 years ago

That dress is so pretty!

if that’s not a party dress, i don’t know what is! love!

9 years ago

WHat a lovely blog you have! Stop by mine if you’d like, it is about me and my adventures as a beginner seamstress!

9 years ago

I’m with you… space is totally rad. I just love seeing those wild NASA photos of distant stars. Might as well look like a star too in that dress!

9 years ago

I like when you do the space posts – it’s a really unique interest that you have and it’s fun seeing who shares that inspiration as well

these match perfectly!!
love that dress too! it’s pretty amazing! :)

9 years ago

I love your knack for putting the products and prints together. This one is stunning!

Love this pairing. The dress and print are perfect!

9 years ago

MMMmmmm…. that dress is very fun. Who makes it?

i ADORE That dress – i really love anything that sparkles

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails // current giveaway