Product & Print // 011

My friend Karyn is crazy talented…she made this poster the other night out of boredom from the hurricane for her son’s room. Isn’t it adorable? I knew I had to feature it in today’s Product & Print.

product & print // 011

product // print

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9 years ago

Wow, that is definitely talent

9 years ago

It is beautiful! I love love love the use of text within the image.

WOW. That looks amazing. What talent! I’m always in awe at people who can create such amazing things on paper! =)

I love people who can just create something out of the blue :) I have a friend who can just take place at a piano, start playing and it actually sounds SO good. It’s crazy. How do they do it?

9 years ago

Wow, this is an amazing print, cute owl, and I love the color scheme…so pretty!

9 years ago

oooh love love love!

9 years ago

Oh, she is talented!! I wish I was that productive in this storm… lol!

9 years ago

Love both {& particularly adore the owl…I’m on a weird owl kick lately lol}!