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Have you guys heard of onefinestay? Onefinestay “gives you the chance to stay in someone’s place while they’re out of town. You get to live their life for a few days and nights.” How cool is that? I’ve always loved the idea of staying at an unhotel, because let’s face it: sometimes hotels can be boring.


London has always been on my top 5 list of places I want to visit. Dreaming about staying in one of these beautiful homes makes me want to go even more!

kingsley mews // This place is so sleek and modern that I can’t help but be drawn to it. That pop of orange is amazing, and the outside is so quintessentially London!

dovehouse street // My inner girly girl is squealing at this house! I love the mix of purple and yellow, and can definitely see myself staying and relaxing here after a long day of sightseeing!

balfe street // york avenue

And onefinestay also has homes in New York! I’ve been lucky enough to visit NYC quite a few times, but they’ve usually been day trips or staying with friends. I would love to stay in one of these beautiful places and really feel like a New Yorker.

riverside boulevard // This place is just so warm and inviting that I can’t help but want to stay here! I love that it’s sophisticated still feels like you want to stay there. Plus, it just screams New York, doesn’t it?

east 78th street // This has got to be my dream house. The furniture, the colors, the view…*sigh* Perfect!

Which places are you dreaming of staying at? Would you want to stay in an unhotel?

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post in partnership with onefinestay

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8 years ago

Wow, those are some beautiful apartments indeed! Yeah, staying in an apartment instead of a hotel room definitely gives you a different feel for your trip or vacation. I have tried the experience before and I can recommend it. Now, going to a hotel just doesn’t work for me the way it used to. Living like a local is the best way to get in touch with the place’s spirit and soul. I highly recommend it. My one problem with One Fine Stay is, well, the pricing. It’s not bad, it’s just too over my head. Personally, I have tried… Read more »

Ah! I would love to do this, but then I also am very scared to stay in homes like this as I am worried about messing something up

<3 katherine
of corgis and cocktails

9 years ago

These places are so beautiful! It would be so great to travel to one of them.

xo erica

i would love to go to london!! all these homes are beautiful, but i’d love to stay at dovehouse street!

9 years ago

Oh WOW! This is amazing! I checked out the website and all of the homes look absolutely amazing! Me and my friends are discussing a trip to NYC and we’ll definitely look into this!


9 years ago

These are all beautiful spaces I would love to spend the rest of my life!! $_$ Hahaha

9 years ago

oh my, that purple couch is all sorts of amazing!! I’d love to have that in my living room!

9 years ago

What an awesome service! Everytime I find these kinds of things I hate that I don’t have a vacation to plan–one to Paris, obviously!

This is perfect! I would love to utilize this service in the future! This makes me think of the film, The Holiday. =)

9 years ago

Oh I love the London looks! I really love how everything is really fresh and clean like New York, but they play with color a little more freely!

I can’t believe I’ve never heard of this! What a great idea. It’s so “The Holiday” — that movie with Cameron Diaz & Kate Winslet from a few years back :)
Isn’t That Charming.

9 years ago

Oh gods, there goes about 3 hours of my life browsing this site