Happy Friday!

And it’s Friday again! I’ve been all about glitter lately – glitter magnets, glitter candles, glitter ornaments…yes, I am turning into a glitter girl. How great is that garland though? And the festive holiday print? I’m in love.

happy friday!

dress // garland // illustration

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9 years ago

Yay for glitter season! I am feeling all festive already.

If it has glitter, I love/need it! :)

Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

9 years ago

i love glitter nails!!

9 years ago

Kyla, I’m all about the glitz and glitter – as long as I don’t have to be the one doing the glittering :)

9 years ago

aww these are so cute :) I am definitely getting into holiday spirits :D ;D


9 years ago

I’ve been in a glitter kick recently too! I made a DIY pair of glitter tights a few days ago so I can now have something glittery with all of my outfits and still keep warm!


9 years ago

oh christmas <3 if only i could buy everything festive


9 years ago

The print looks groovy! It’s festive, indeed!! Love it! :D

9 years ago

These glitter pieces are great! I love the glitter dress…it’s so unique!

9 years ago

I am loving that glitter garland! Happy Friday to you as well!
xo Hannah

9 years ago

That print makes me want to dance! I love this! And all things glitter!