Product & Print // 022

So this week I yet again show my nerd love for sci-fi and my favorite book ever, The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams. I recommend this book to everyone – it’s hilarious, it makes you think, and it changed my life. And it’s really funny ;) Has anyone else read it?

product & print // 022

product // print

And not to shamelessly self promote or anything, but if you are a Douglas Adams fan, why not dress up your iPhone with this snazzy iPhone case? It’s still one of my absolute favorite illustrations.
the hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy

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I LOVE the make-over you gave the blog!! The hover effect on the header is so fun ^^ Do you do designs for others as well? I could use some help with mine :( Anyway, Love the illustration you made for the iPhone cover, too bad I don’t have an iPhone!

8 years ago

I adore the case, Kyla! :)

8 years ago

That iPhone case is awesome! So much better than the plain old white one I have right now!


8 years ago

That book is pretty classic – do you carry your towel around with you for emergencies?

Love that book! hah!

8 years ago

Your iphone case is so cool…I love the design!

8 years ago

Seriously need to read it. My husband loves it!

8 years ago

Isn’t there a movie too?! I’m pretty sure I watched it with my Dad when I was little lol…

8 years ago
Reply to  LEIGH

Haha, it is!

8 years ago

Love the colors of the print! This feature is always such fun.