Alice & Olivia

In tying to keep up with my fashion illustration series, here is one of my favorite looks from the Alice & Olivia Pre-Fall 2013 collection! You may have already seen this if you follow me on pinterest or twitter – I couldn’t resist sharing before I posted :) That dress is totally drool-worthy.

alice & olivia
alice & olivia

PS – you can buy a print of this right here!
How do you like this colorful collection?

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8 years ago

Totally love this Kyla! I think it’s my new favourite illustration of yours!

8 years ago

Oh, I’m drooling over that dress too! Those bold colors! I love it! Your illustrations are just adorable. You’ve got talent girl! Hope you’re enjoying the weekend and staying warm. :)

8 years ago

I’m such a fan of the first dress – it’s like a pillar of colour

8 years ago

Alice and Olivia always comes out with amazing collections! I love the dress you chose to illustrate, it’s lovely, and you are very talented Kyla! My favorite dress you chose to show here would probably be the top left! It’s absolutely gorgeous.

8 years ago

Alice and Olivia have some of my favorite designs! The bold stripes and and funky funky hair is too cool. P.S. Love the way you did the background of your illustration! It’s got such an ethereal vibe!