J. Crew Illustrations

So last winter, I created these little illustrations for one of the PVD Lady Project events at our local J. Crew, and I realized I never shared them with you! Whoops.

j. crew illustrations - fall/winter 2012

I would still totally wear all these looks now. Even though Spring is in the air in the fashion world, we’ve been getting hit hard with snow, so I’m still completely in winter fashion mode! Is it warming up where you are?

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I love the knees!! Did I just not notice that before! I usually spend a lot of time looking at the detail you put in the clothes, but that caught my eye this time.

<3 katherine / of corgis & cocktails
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8 years ago

Awww kyla, I love your illustrations so much! You are so good with it. My favorite is the one in the center ;)

8 years ago

Oh J.Crew. They steal my heart every time.

8 years ago

These are beautiful illustrations! I would definitely wear these looks now too!

LOVE these illustrations!