Pretty Sweets, Take 3

So, I really like sweets. Like, really like. In fact, if I could eat dessert every day for every meal, I would be happy. You can see more ‘Pretty Sweets’ posts here, here & here. So here’s another installment where I just drool over desserts!

pretty sweets

chocolage & salted caramel cupcakes // purple ombre cake // lavender cheese cake // mini donuts // brown butter snickerdoodles // black raspberry ice cream // salted caramel cake // baked alaska // lemon sandwich cookies

Have you tried any of these? What are some of your favorite dessert recipes?

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8 years ago

Brown butter snickerdoodles sound divine!

Rainstorms & Love Notes

8 years ago

My goodness, lavender cheesecake sounds too good to be true

8 years ago

oh my gosh these all look so delicious!!

8 years ago

oh no. Now I am hungry…. very hungry… O.o Love the way these look all organized and cropped into circles, very graphic and lovely ;)


8 years ago

You had me at the first photo. Oh my goodness. I am asking for all of these for my birthday!

8 years ago

Yuuuuuummyyyy. That ice-cream would go down a treat right about now… x

8 years ago

I want some caramel stuff right now~

8 years ago

Oh my gosh, NOOO! As if I wasn’t hungry already! I want to gobble it all up…

8 years ago

Ohh…wow…..YUMMY! And no, unfortunately I haven’t tried any of these but looking at these pics I think I will soon! :P xx