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I really love this gig poster…I have no idea who the band is, but I really love the colors & style. The girl listening to them would totally wear use these vintage paperweights, right?

product & print

product // print

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8 years ago

Those paperweights are pretty awesome – I need to decorate my ‘real’ office and delicate pieces like that may help

8 years ago

The print is really nice! I love the combination of colors! Also, the font is just… beautiful! :D

8 years ago

That poster is amazing. I listened to a song by that band on repeat in 2010. I love it, maybe you might like it too?

those vintage paperweights look awesome!

8 years ago

I love this segment! That poster is pretty amazing, and those paperweights are awesome!

8 years ago

Those paperweights are so cool!