Happy Friday!

Another week gone! We had some really warm weather this week, and some pretty cold weather. I’m seriously dreaming about it staying warm! Also, how beautiful is this dress? It’s the most perfect dress for warm weather.

happy friday!
design // dress // illustration // bouquet

Also, I’m jumping on the bandwagon…since google reader is going to be gone soon, don’t forget to follow me on bloglovin! Have you imported your google reader contacts to bloglovin’ yet? I have!


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8 years ago

I love the pretty ribbon wrapped around that bouquet! It’s so fun!

8 years ago

Oh my, that dress IS beautiful

Wow, that orange maxi is gorge – I wish I could pull something like that off!

8 years ago

That dress is absolutely incredible! And what beautiful flowers :)

xox Sammi

8 years ago

That orange dress is stunning!!!

8 years ago

Already follow you on bloglovin :) I love it!

I haven’t yet imported to Bloglovin’ yet but I will. I do like that they have made it so easy to do. =)
And yes, that dress is superb!!

8 years ago

Ouhhhh orannnnge. I have a penchant for orange in design, but I hardly ever wear it or surround myself with it. I just love it visually in a weird way haha! I loveeeeeee that first print, super pretty!


8 years ago

Kyla, what an awesome inspiration for this Friday! It just started snowing and sleeting today, but these colors are exactly how I’ve been feeling recently! I love how you’ve mixed graphic prints with ethereal gowns and flowers! Brilliant.

Lovely round up! So glad I stumbled upon your blog! I will be following you over on Bloglovin’ :)

8 years ago

Um, that dress is so beautiful. I’ve always been nervous about wearing light yellows. But heck: that dress has changed my mind.

I hope you have a great weekend, Kyla!