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So I admit that I only want this vodka because of the packaging. I see it every time I go to the liquor store, and all I can think is how awesome it would look on my bar cart (which is still in the making). And while I’m dream shopping for it, why not use this adorable illustration to decorate – informative and stylish!

product & print

Have you tried any of Death’s Door products? I have a feeling that vodka will be mine pretty soon.

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8 years ago

I just discovered your blog (via corgis & cocktails) and I’m having so much fun going through your archives!! I love the product and print series :)


8 years ago

I haven’t tried it before but I kind of want it. Because of the design but mostly, because it’s vodka

I don’t often drink mixed drinks at home but I would totally buy this for the print too. =)

Their product design is amazing! And what a perfect poster to go along too

8 years ago

I would totally buy that vodka based on the packaging alone :-) Great pairing!

8 years ago

Kyla I love your Product & Print posts, they’re always spot on! Well done :)

8 years ago

I love that poster, so funny and cute :) I’ve never heard of Death’s Door, but if it’s tasty I’m sure I’ll end up trying it.

8 years ago

Oh white russians……. They taste too good and I always get myself in trouble! Once at my grandpa’s bar (free drinks aren’t always a good thing…) and once when for some stupid reason we decided that white russian pong would be a good idea. Not sure if I’ve had one since lol. Literally taste like a dessert!