Happy Friday!

Happy Friday! Some exciting things are happening right now, but I can’t share the details until next week. Remember that rut I’ve seemed to be in for the past few months? Well I’ve finally broken out of it! I can’t wait to share it with you. And in celebration, I’ve ordered this little playsuit :)

happy friday!

type poster // playsuit // ‘Veloz’ design // photo

This weekend, Sam & I plan on having a Treat ‘Yo Self day. Does anyone else watch Parks & Rec? I can’t wait for this weekend…definitely needed :) What are your plans?

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8 years ago

So… how did you TREAT YO’ SELF???

8 years ago

I can’t wait to see your project!

8 years ago

Oooh, I LOVE that type poster! I want that in my apartment now! Haha

8 years ago

I am in love with the playsuit!! I cant wait to see you wearing it :P

8 years ago

So funny… my daughter and I just had a treat yo self day when we were at Disneyland the other day. Love the jumpsuit, and all the other pics too!

8 years ago

sounds exciting, and what better way to celebrate!

I definitely understand being in a rut! Glad to hear your getting out of it and I can’t wait to hear your news! :) Enjoy your weekend!

8 years ago

Ah, can’t wait to hear the news. That’s a really cute romper. I’ve yet to get one since they’ve come back!

8 years ago

Hi sweetie really gergeous Blog.
Now I´m following you in GFC and Bloglovin´
I hope your follow me back.



8 years ago

Happy Friday doll!! Great post!!


8 years ago

Congratulations on breaking out of your rut! I love that print! It’s exactly what I need today to get things done! Happy Weekend!

Hahaha I love Parks & Rec and ‘Treat Yo Self’!

8 years ago

that’s so exciting, kyla! i can’t wait to hear more about it… it’s so great when good things happen to good people. :) yay!

Oh I’m excited to hear what your news is! And even more excited that you’re coming out of a rut :) that’s the best feeling. xoxo!