Happy Friday!

Who’s excited for the long weekend? I am! I’m also super excited that I will officially have half-day fridays until September! One of the perks for working for a University :)

I’m sure we’ve also all seen the ban.do preview, but it’s too cute not to share. I could go for a giant ice cream cone right now! Even with the impeding rainy-weekend weekend coming up.

kyla is inspired | happy friday!

ban.do sneak preview // croissants // table scene // goat cheese & balsamic ice cream

Also…is it just me, or do I seem hungry in this post?
Oh well. What are your plans for the weekend?

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8 years ago

Loving grouping of images, Kyla! :) And I’m with Rooth, those croissants look amaaazing.

8 years ago

Oh those croissants are so YUMMY looking – I had some quite tasty almond ones this weekend

8 years ago

thanks for sharing know I know about this cute things :)

8 years ago

How lucky to have Fridays off! I love the ban.do preview and the food, oh the food looks delicious!

8 years ago

I didn’t know what ban.do was and I love it. Thanks for the introduction!

the ban.do sneak is so stinkin’ adorable!!
That goat cheese and balsamic ice cream sounds soooo intriguing!!

8 years ago

Off to discover what that ban.do is after that adorable picture! *_*