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How punchy and happy is this digital illustration drawn by Jason Wong? It’s so in-your-face and I love that. I chose to pair it with the more subtle DNA tea towel form Cotton & Flax. Imagine eating brunch on a bright sunny with that illustration hanging and using those tea towels…yes, please! Plus, the citrus colors in that photo match up so perfectly with the print!

kyla is inspired | product & print

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8 years ago

the print is really fun it’s so happy and bright and the tea towel is great

8 years ago

love these colors

xoxo navy & orange

8 years ago

Oh that would be so cute!

8 years ago

Oh my gosh. That tea towel is absolutely PERFECT. I love how you translated the graphics because I totally saw fruits, too!

Love the print :)

8 years ago

Love the product and print! Both designs are so unique!

I love what Justin came up with for Friends of Type. So bold! The tea towel is a perfect product to pair it with. Great choices!

8 years ago

Love the pattern of those tea towels – so pretty!