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8 years ago

Happy Pride Month! Hope you had a great weekend at Boston Pride, post about it soon!

8 years ago

Woo, great pictures. Have a lovely weekend.

8 years ago

Hope you are having a lovely weekend!


8 years ago

Oh my goodness, I am loving the cake! I hope you have fun during Pride Week!

8 years ago

Have fun! That bikini makes my eyes hurt it is so bright, how awesome! I want one ;) And that cake.. mmm….

We have a long weekend, so I get three days off. Today I slept through my alarm and missed the blog society launch in Sydney. Oops. I definitely needed the sleep though! Tomorrow we are seeing James Nachtwey, the photojournalist speak. Monday. Hm. I may just get outside and see some trees.

I want a piece of that cake right now! ;)

8 years ago

I plan on being productive: writing and cleaning. We’ll see how that goes!!!

That cake is so summery, love it. Have a great weekend!