Illustration | Margaery Tyrell

Ok, who else is a Game of Thrones fan? Anyone else a Tyrell? I definitely relate most to the Tyrell family – they live in Highgarden, which is basically a massive castle with a million gardens around, and it is perpetually Spring. Yep, that’s me. So it’s no wonder one of my favorite characters is Margaery Tyrell.

It’s been approximately six years since I’ve last drawn & published fan art, so I figured it was about time ;)

kyla is inspired | margaery tyrellkyla is inspired | margaery tyrell

So Margaery’s dress is a bit different than the normal gold & yellow you usually see, but why can’t she be fashionable? Her dress is based off of thisAlexander McQueen dress.

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8 years ago

I have not jumped on The Game of Thrones train yet because of my endless amount of books that I have to read, but your fan art makes me want to start reading up on the books and watch the series!

8 years ago

nice i like the alexander mcqueen infusion!!! you make me want to draw more :)

8 years ago

that is insane, you are so talented!! i keep hearing about it but still dont know really what game of thrones is/is about but either way your drawing is amazing!!
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8 years ago

this is beautiful!! :D

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8 years ago

!!! FLAIL !!! I love this so much, Kyla. I have a big crush on Margaery and your illustration of hers is beyond fabulous. I would definitely be a Lannister, myself!

8 years ago

That is one GORGEOUS dress… I’m a big fan of the sequins

8 years ago

Lovely illo! And cute blog. Following via Bloglovin.

Ali of

Dressing Ken

8 years ago

I’ve never seen Game of Thrones, but love your illustration!