Illustration | The Universe is in Balance

I’m excited to share my latest illustration! I’ve been very happy that I’ve found time lately to do my own thing.
Anyway, this is based off of an illustration I did in 2010 (yikes!) called “Space Case”. Isn’t it interesting to go back in time and look at the work you did? Sometimes I cringe, but it’s always a good reminder of how you’ve improved.

the universe is in balance | kyla is inspiredthe universe is in balance | kyla is inspiredthe universe is in balance | kyla is inspired

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8 years ago

Yeeee! This is great, Kyla! :D

8 years ago

Such a lovely illustration. You girl are amazing!

8 years ago

Holy cow. This is gorgeous! Love the detail. <3

8 years ago

cool! I see a lot of your existing technique and style coming through. and yes it always fun to look back and see how you have improved and how excited you were about a certain concept at the time :)

8 years ago

Neat colour scheme =) I like it!

8 years ago
8 years ago

I love this! Great colors. I love the cool stance: the crossed legs and hand in the pocket. Makes me feel like the Universe truly has it’s shit together ;)

how cool. I love to see growth and while you might “cringe” at the work, I look at it and smile! I wish I could do something close to anything you do! =D


8 years ago

Nice blog!

ciao from Italy

8 years ago

Very cute. I love it.