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I love illustrations that are simple and use only a few colors. This Fruita Blanch branding done by Atiups is amazing. The print is gorgeous that I couldn’t stop staring at it! And matching with this print are the slightly-vintage mason jar peach jams from Martha Stewart. Peaches are so perfectly summer to me.

Anyone else a fan of peaches for the summer? What’s your favorite summer fruit?

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8 years ago

I’ve been following you on Pinterest for a while now and had never the chance to check your website until now. And i’m so glad i did! i simply adore your style and contect..!! So happy i can be able to keep up with your wonderful work now


8 years ago

love peaches!! super juicy and tasty!!

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great choices!
P.S. Sorry if I’m a bit late to the game since I was away but love your new layout!!

Adore these choices! I’m loving the peach and teal combo. Such a great color inspiration. The new layout looks lovely. :)

8 years ago

Urgh that turquoise tone + reddish orange is just such a fantastic combo, and I love the typography on that add too. And the distressed look of it. So basically all of it is wonderful.


8 years ago

I consider myself drawn to minimalism, so I’ve always enjoyed simple art with little color. Great examples :)