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I’ve been marathoning Mad Men recently, and I’ve been obsessed with vintage ads and the aura of that area. I love the way this week’s Product & Print turned out – this illustration from the talented Two Arms Inc caught my eye immediately. I love the circus vibe of it. And how great are these mid-century basket chairs?

kyla is inspired | product & print

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8 years ago

Oooo those chairs look quite comfy too

8 years ago

love the vibrant colors in the print so fun :)

I’m loving this print! The colors are wonderful and I like the product you chose to correspond. Always one of my favorite series! :)

Isn’t Mad Men the best? My co-worker just started the series so she has been on a marathon. My husband and I just finished watching last season. Ah so good.
Love this tribute post to the generation of ad agency mania!

8 years ago

It’s so addicting! I’m on season 3, but have been watching at least 1-2 per night :)

8 years ago

We have a LOT of Two Arms prints in our home – love their work!