Happy Friday!

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I feel like over the past week, when it’s been a bit cooler, I’ve been in complete fall mode. I’ve wanted to wear more pants and more neutral, cooler colors. And that translates right into my aesthetic for what I’m currently loving this week. Hopefully, you can appreciate my mini taste of what I hope fall to be!

I’m also looking forward to a relaxing weekend – I don’t think I’ve had one of those in over a month!

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8 years ago

It’s funny how early it happened this year, but I’m feeling the itch for fall as well! Soon, soon.

It’s been so hot here I cannot wait until the cool, Fall days!!

Happy weekend, Kyla! Enjoy yourself :)

8 years ago

Oh i’m definitely feeling you!
I’m on vacation, and my mind is in September. The first rains, to finally start wearing black and white and pastels and neutrals! Summer is awesome yes, but kinda tiring too!

Have a great weekend!

8 years ago

Happy Friday to you Kyla!