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There’s something really special about simplicity done right, and today’s post definitely highlights that. I love collecting mugs, and the simple stripe of this jumbo much is perfect. I could definitely see this mug in the kitchen of the stylish lady who owns this sassy print.

I also can’t help but love this color combo of teal and purple – it really makes a statement!

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8 years ago

The cup and saucer are so very lovely – great find!

I have a thing with collecting mugs / teacups too, Kyla! I swear they always get me with their pretty pictures… I am in love with this color combo! So different, minimal and gorgeous!

8 years ago

Love those colors together!

8 years ago

that mug is awesome so pretty :)

The colors are wonderful together! I agree with you with simplicity. Sometimes, the easiest looking things are often the hardest. Making things seem so clean and attractive is definitely not as easy as it looks!

8 years ago

I love this color combination!! ugh, my favorite!

8 years ago

love love love those colours!!

8 years ago

That combo is just the best!