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I made this post thinking it would be perfect as we transition to fall….NOPE says the weather, we’re going to be stuck in hot & humid! (this no longer applies.) But there is still something to be said about the dark mystery of these colors. I think I’ll find myself gravitating more towards this style as the cooler months roll in. Are you a fan of this dark romance vibe?

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8 years ago

those DIY pop rock favors are awesome :)
hopefully it will start to cool off soon and we can transition into Fall :)

8 years ago

Omgosh. I’m in love with that interface!!!


8 years ago

Definitely loving all these moody colors – perfect for fall! I can’t wait. It’s stormy and rainy here in NYC so this board fits perfectly :)

We are ALL ready for Fall, but the weather doesn’t seem to want the change! I’m loving all these dark colors, especially for the cooler days. And how cool are those pop rock favors?! Love it!

Hope you’re having a wonderful day, Kyla! <3

I LOVE this dark and mysterious vibe. It’s really incredibly chic and modern to me. There’s something about it that just reads awesome. hehe

8 years ago

Oooo, all those bread pictures. And yes, I’m ready for those moody, creepy dark colours that come along with Halloween and October

8 years ago

Oh yes, now you have my heart. It’s so hot here too, but i’m already in that beautiful mood / board you designed here!!