Happy Friday!

I’m heading off for my friend’s wedding this weekend, so I decided to do a sort-of wedding-themed girly & pretty Happy Friday post today!

large balloon | floral centerpieces | pom factory

What are you doing this weekend?

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8 years ago

I hope everything worked out in the end, I’ve read about your struggles with your bridesmaid dress. Didn’t sound to well :( I hope you enjoyed the party! I spent part of my weekend in London, which was absolutely lovely! xo

Congratulations to your friend, wishing them lots of love and happiness! Been following on your IG – everything is so pretty, especially that location!!

8 years ago

i hope you have a lovely wedding weekend! i love attending weddings!! we’ve been house hunting every weekend. it’s exciting but kinda frustrating when our bids don’t get through.

8 years ago

Ooh, fabulous! I love when those big balloons are used at weddings and I love that centerpiece!! Have such a fun time at the wedding and enjoy your weekend!!

so cute! Have a wonderful time at the wedding!

8 years ago

I love those balloon string garlands – so fun! Enjoy the wedding!