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Today, I’m really loving the soft & feminine vibe of this product & print. That flamingo print is so soothing and has me wishing for cool, dreamy weather. I’m thinking a picnic and using these tea towels as placemats!

kyla is inspired | product & print

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8 years ago

Love these! The colors are perfectly muted.

Also, I wanted to let you know, your blog is one of the many reasons that made me decide to start a new one :), you are an inspiration Kyla!

8 years ago

It’s a good thing I can’t buy every single tea towel that I love or else I’d be carpeting my home with them!

Loving the softness and those tea towels are amazing – so perfect for a picnic!

8 years ago

the tea towel is awesome :) looks great with the print

8 years ago

beautiful colors :)

tea towels as place mats is brilliant. I was truly thinking of the same as well but haven’t found a set just yet! =)

8 years ago

Ah yes, these colors just put me at ease! I can’t get enough of the soft, dreamy pastels! I love those tea towels, been wanting them :)

8 years ago

Beautiful pairing – I love that tea towel!

8 years ago

Adore the soft tones here!