Throwback Thursday | 2

I’m so excited that you all seemed to enjoy the first Throwback Thursday post, and even more excited that many of you also started out in the same way! I’m definitely going to keep this column up, but I think I may make it every two weeks.

kyla is inspired | throwback thursdaykyla is inspired | throwback thursday

Even back then, I guess I was a fan of color, ha!

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8 years ago

Hey, I like this one. It’s colorful~

8 years ago

It’s like you were born in a rainbow! I like this one even better than the last

this is so neat to see! I love the colors too!

8 years ago

i love the colours in this!!

8 years ago

I’m so excited for this! I remember fashion shoot PSDs, splatter brushes, and handwritten doodle fonts. This series is so much fun. Thanks for posting Kyla!

8 years ago

So lovely! it keeps getting and better!!

8 years ago

Love your throwbacks, Kyla, and I’m excited that you’ll be making this a recurring column! The colors are so popping in this one, and you collaged them together so so well! My eyes are not bored at all in every area! :)


8 years ago

Just read your last throwback thursday post – funny! I started with dolls too! I rarely come across others who actually know what the heck they are ahahaha.
I also totally recognize that “png” or “psd” or whatever they called them of the girl blowing bubble gum in that first collage from back in the day! :P It was a popular one.