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Some of you might have seen on my instagram that I cut my hair…and here it is! I’m still getting used to it to be honest (it wasn’t what I had in mind…) but it definitely feels lighter. Any tips on getting used to a new cut??

kyla is inspiredkyla is inspiredkyla is inspired

Also can we talk about how it’s finally cooling down and making room for Fall? I’m so excited to be wearing boots & blazers again!

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8 years ago

Gorgeous boots!!!


I don’t think I can give you any tips because you look amazing!!! I love this cut on you, Kyla. It really showcases your pretty face! Love the outfit also, so jelly you are having somewhat of Fall weather! Still so hot here!!

8 years ago

I think your hair looks great :)
I love your blazer/skirt/tall boots combo
it’s still 90 something degrees in texas so I won’t be able to wear boots for a while

8 years ago

Your hair looks really good – I really like how healthy hair feels right after a cut (speaking of which, I need one soon)

8 years ago

Love your hair Kyla! And the color of the blazer is just fantastic!

8 years ago

You look great Kyla! It’s so hard to get used to a change like this, I recently dyed my hair and everytime I looked in the mirror I was like “Oh right, that’s me!” haha and now I love it and I’m more opened minded about playing with my hair than I was before, so just give it a couple of days and play with it! :)

8 years ago

You look so fall and so cute! Love the new hair cut!

8 years ago

You look so stunning sweetie!
Great job on the hair!

8 years ago

Love the new hair (along with that cheery blazer)!

You look amazing! Love the new hair and that crystal necklace!


8 years ago

Your hair looks great I just got my haircut yesterday and I don’t like it I asked her to give me wide sweepy bangs and angle them down but instead she cut them blunt and straight across which is way too severe for me oh well the I guess they grow out in the next month or so.

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