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I’m so excited to be working on Product & Print again! Like I mentioned in my previous post, I may not be able to post every Tuesday, but I’m going to do my best to keep consistent – I really do love this series :)

product & print

Who doesn’t love a good lingerie set? There’s something so romantic about the simplicity of this little number. I feel like you would definitely be wearing that while reading a newspaper in the Rex typeface, as found by type specimen. Lazy, rainy Sunday morning, anyone?

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8 years ago

Ooo, very lovely! Adding to my wishlist now!

That lingerie is beautiful! There’s just something about wearing a matching set that just makes your day go better ;)

8 years ago

Love this series of yours, Kyla! and that set is gorgeous, love the colors!

If my newspaper looked this good, I’d read it every day. Unfortunately they’ve never scolled past Words suggested fonts I think. Boring, boring, boring! Loved the set as well, the fact that it’s so simple also makes it perfect to wear under t-shirts and dresses because it hasn’t got any visible lines ^^ xo

8 years ago

Oh that lingerie, is so beautiful. i have my eyes on it for quite a while now :)

Yes, I love that set! I have it pinned also, actually :) Yay for product & print!